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Article: Minimalist interior design guide

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Minimalist interior design guide

Minimalist interior design is the opposite of maximalism, where every element of the room is loud and bright in colour, full of statement prints, and attention-grabbing furniture forms and accessories. Minimalism is a quieter, sparser sibling that is still self-assured in design and personal preference. It focuses on specifically selected items in a room, chosen with deep consideration and conviction.

Minimalist design involves just one or two colours in the room, a leaning towards geometric-shaped furniture and motifs, and multifunctional furniture. Fewer pieces in the room mean that those which make the cut, need to work harder. This design can be applied to various types of interior styles, such as Japanese, modern, and Scandinavian.

When creating a minimalist style room by room, there are several aspects that remain relevant across the board.

Minimalist Bedroom

In a minimalist bedroom, a low-lying bed frame without a headboard is preferred. Bedside furniture such as cube cabinets or a floating shelf is best at the same height as the bed. Lamp light can be in the form of integrated wall light or a single lamp. Wardrobes may be built-in, or a single piece of storage furniture, such as a chest of drawers, may be used.

Minimalist Kitchen

Kitchen design is fundamental in creating a minimalist house interior because it's the room still regarded as the heart of the home. Achieve the desired moderation in your decorative choices here, and it will serve to anchor your entire home. A kitchen is the room where you're most likely to see a combination of colours and materials, because of the melding of cabinets, flooring, tiles, and appliances.

Minimalist Dining Room

In a modern minimalist house with a dining room, lacquered, glossy furniture with straightforward silhouettes is one possibility. Contrasting different types of linear form can be very arresting indeed. But if the minimalist architecture of the room is clean and uniform, abstract and geometric chair design may be included, as long as it is the same finish and materials as the table itself.

Minimalist Bathroom

Minimalist house design encompasses every sort of washroom from en suites to family bathrooms. Here, be inspired by the simplicity of design. A minimalist bathroom should have only a few carefully selected items, such as a plain white shower curtain, wooden stool, or woven rug.

In conclusion, minimalist interior design involves carefully selected items in a room, one or two colors, geometric shapes, and multifunctional furniture. It can be applied to various interior styles, such as Japanese, modern, and Scandinavian. When creating minimalist rooms, focus on restraint in decorative choices to anchor your home's design.

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